August 27th, 2013, 9:12 pm

new comic (posibly)

(sorry for terible spelling)
Hello PMD red fans! so my bamboo pen and pad are broke. :( They dont relly work too well on my new laptop. so for now the comic is canceled! D: Im soooo sorry.
I am thinking about makeing a comic on paper and scaning it in. but i have to check to see if my scaner works.

i would draw this comic on paper, but i dont want to do that since i started it in the computer. if i get a new pad that works then i will continue this comic for sure!

but for now im thinking about makeing a diffirent one on paper and colord pencils. its going to be baced on warrior cats most likely! and if you dont know what that is... look it up.
its a book saga and its RELLY good. (although if you dont like allot of violence i wouldnt recomend it)
its not cirtain ill make this comic, its still just one of those CRAYZEZE ideas i get.

and if you are a fan, its not going to have any of the original charictars in it, it will be the same clans but baced in a later time, Firestar and the others are long in the past. all of the books are like storys the elders tell the kits! XD

if i do go through with this, then ill post a comic page with a picture of the main charitar.

im sorry again, but look forward to the new comic! (but dont get your hopes up its not cirtain)

~~Andreya225 <3


T-H-E GUY, June 23rd, 2014, 1:05 pm

violence you say?<:?

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