July 31st, 2013, 11:10 am


GUESS WHAT?? i go to an online school and they send you a laptop when you join (well duh then you wount be able to do school if you dont then.) but ive had mine for over 4 years, aaannnd its gotten old.
so they sent me a new one and my drawing tablet isnt instaled on here. (and they dont have spell check on this laptop ether!) i can still use the tablet, but when i try to draw the lines are all rigged and not smooth... im not good with this type of thing, so ill have to ask my dad to try and install it later.
the point is, my tablet is old too, and if i cant install it on here i may need to get a new one. (and im broke XD) the next page is the only one i have made left... and if i dont have a tablet i cant make any more...
so the comic may be postponed for a while. i PROMACE i will start it up again as soon as posible, but for now dont worry about a thing and just asume the comic is going to continue regularly.
once its instaled i will make more comics...
and GOOD NEWS i use paint on this comic, but i use to have and older version of that too, but on this computer i have a new version and there are a bunch more efects i can do! so the comic will be "upgraded" once i can start it again ^w^ you can look forward to that!

~~~ if you want to see these efects on the comic i posted it in the unchapterd area (i dont think i gave it a name though)~~~~~~~

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