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(updates are VERRY sporadic. When you'll get another page, it could be tomorrow, it could be next Christmas. ) A 14 year old girl name Eevelyn wakes up one day to find she has turned into an eevee! With her new friend Mudkip,and no memory of her past except for the fact she was once human, she will have to travel the world of Pokemon in order to find out her past. although there is danger around every corner! fighting against legendary Pokemon, and natural disasters, she will have to stand strong and face the fact she's not becoming a human again anytime soon. although she isn't alone in this world, there are other humans loitering around. but are they on her side? NOTE: I redrew the comic from page 1-12, so if the comic suddenly looks horrible at page 13 its because that page is ANCIENT. but then it gets better again. Warning for violence, blood, and mild language from certain characters. While this particular comic has been spawned from the depths of my imagination, the Pokémon franchise as a whole is not my creation and all rights to Pokémon belongs to Nintendo. This story is loosely based off the game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.


July 29th, 2017, 11:57 am


Hello everybody!
Ahah, I know you're all probably a bit upset about how I keep going on long pauses like this (this comic has been running how many years and were still not out of chapter one??) And I usually just blow it off as school or some other shit like that but there's a little more to it than that and I feel like y'all should know a little bit.

First off, the comic page I'm working on now has been scrapped a few times. I just don't know how I'm going to transition into the next part. I have a few ideas I'm going to try still but that may take a while. I usually know where the comics going but I've been brushing it off as I just can't figure it out yet.

Second, I've had depression (among other things) ever since I was little, and its often not a problem at all but sometimes it can just come round and kick you right in the ass. I feel like you guys should know why I've been doing nothing. Recently things have been going to hell too, with school (Yes even though its overused I still have issues with school) Mostly because as an art major I've been taking so many art classes that I kind of got sick of drawing things that I felt was forced to draw for a good grade (having to follow rules with drawing something can be more draining than you think) and I also kind of failed my last math course so I'm taking a summer class to make up for that >n>. Math really isn't my strong suit and it honestly makes me hate life that I have to take it again cause I really thought it was over and I didn't need to take that course again.

Third, like I had said before, I am an art major (Illustration specifically) and am hopefully going to move forward someday to make my own graphic novel saga. I have already an idea for what I want to do and am working on creating that along side other drawing things I need to do. I'm still gonna finish this comic I can assure you, I love the story and characters too much to give up, I just need to sort out a plan on how to finish it. I would like to inform you as well that this is kind of an 'experimental' comic, as you may have noticed by the often changing style. I'm using this comic to find out what I like doing in the sense of design and art style, and I can assure you its going to change allot more through the comic. It may be subtle or it may be drastic but it won't effect the story line.

And lastly, Some of my friends have been having rough times and I'm that person that if someone cries I cry too and I'm just tired of having second hand pain from trying to help my friends in what seems like hopeless situations. Not that I don't want to help them, I'd help them through thick and thin but recently the situations have been going from "we can make it out of this" to "Well shit there's nothing we can try anymore" and it's really draining.

So hopefully I can figure out what to do with this page cause I really have been wanting to draw this comic but can't get into the flow cause there's nothing to draw yet. I'll be trying a few new ideas and get back to you when I'll be updating again. And with the help from a thousand burning suns, may I actually be able to finish a chapter within a decent time frame.

February 21st, 2014, 10:58 am


im sorry i missed last weeks update, i might also not be able to make this weeks ether... IM SO SORRY

ive been really piled up with school work and haven't been motivated to do homework so ive been lazy .-.

plus all the strangest things happen to me on weekends witch are the only free days i have... like i had this baby pine tree in my room because why not? and my dad was watering it and spilled water on my laptop. lol so i had to wait till my laptop dried out. suffice to say i dont have that pine tree in my room anymore.
i swear when i tell you these stories about why i haven't updated, there not excuses these actually happen.

to sum it up, there is no longer a set update. so ill update whenever i have a page made, at least for the school year. in the summer ill try to get on a Saturday update again.

February 3rd, 2014, 9:14 pm



go check out my other comic and submit a cat lol

January 4th, 2014, 10:10 pm

dem batteries .-.


so it turned out the reason my pen wasn't working is cause it needed batteries ._.

i will be updating on Saturdays and if I'm in a good mood sometimes ill update on tuesdays :D lol
and of course there will be a bonus comic page uploaded on holidays.

August 27th, 2013, 9:12 pm

new comic (posibly)

(sorry for terible spelling)
Hello PMD red fans! so my bamboo pen and pad are broke. :( They dont relly work too well on my new laptop. so for now the comic is canceled! D: Im soooo sorry.
I am thinking about makeing a comic on paper and scaning it in. but i have to check to see if my scaner works.

i would draw this comic on paper, but i dont want to do that since i started it in the computer. if i get a new pad that works then i will continue this comic for sure!

but for now im thinking about makeing a diffirent one on paper and colord pencils. its going to be baced on warrior cats most likely! and if you dont know what that is... look it up.
its a book saga and its RELLY good. (although if you dont like allot of violence i wouldnt recomend it)
its not cirtain ill make this comic, its still just one of those CRAYZEZE ideas i get.

and if you are a fan, its not going to have any of the original charictars in it, it will be the same clans but baced in a later time, Firestar and the others are long in the past. all of the books are like storys the elders tell the kits! XD

if i do go through with this, then ill post a comic page with a picture of the main charitar.

im sorry again, but look forward to the new comic! (but dont get your hopes up its not cirtain)

~~Andreya225 <3

July 31st, 2013, 11:10 am


GUESS WHAT?? i go to an online school and they send you a laptop when you join (well duh then you wount be able to do school if you dont then.) but ive had mine for over 4 years, aaannnd its gotten old.
so they sent me a new one and my drawing tablet isnt instaled on here. (and they dont have spell check on this laptop ether!) i can still use the tablet, but when i try to draw the lines are all rigged and not smooth... im not good with this type of thing, so ill have to ask my dad to try and install it later.
the point is, my tablet is old too, and if i cant install it on here i may need to get a new one. (and im broke XD) the next page is the only one i have made left... and if i dont have a tablet i cant make any more...
so the comic may be postponed for a while. i PROMACE i will start it up again as soon as posible, but for now dont worry about a thing and just asume the comic is going to continue regularly.
once its instaled i will make more comics...
and GOOD NEWS i use paint on this comic, but i use to have and older version of that too, but on this computer i have a new version and there are a bunch more efects i can do! so the comic will be "upgraded" once i can start it again ^w^ you can look forward to that!

~~~ if you want to see these efects on the comic i posted it in the unchapterd area (i dont think i gave it a name though)~~~~~~~

July 11th, 2013, 5:37 pm


not only am i updating on Saturdays, but I'm updating on Tuesdays now too! YAY! I have gotten use to making allot of comics now and I'm actually keeping up with it! I never really finished any of my other comics before. But this one actually is allot of fun to make.
if i get to the 100 fan mark ill start updating on Thursdays too!
Thank you for the fans i have now! Your all awesome! until Saturday, Auf Wiedersehen!

June 5th, 2013, 6:28 pm


hello everyone, i just wanted to say that the prologue now has its own chapter so its not in the unchapterd zone anymore.

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